A dream becomes reality

For a long time, FO-Aarhus has had a desire to build a unique facility with an urban hanging garden and thereby transform the popular, but anonymous backyards of the FO-city, between Frederikgade and Vester Alle, to both a living, climate-friendly and artistically decorated space. Now the dream is becoming reality and in the first phase, already in full swing, there has been build a 25-meter-long column-supported terrace in the large courtyard of the General Education House.


Aarhus artist Hans Krull decorates

In the next stages of the project, the garden will be decorated with a distinguished and distinctive sculpture by the artist Hans Krull, his known and loved works adorn several local sites in Aarhus city. Krull has also designed the beautiful cover that will decorate the long terrace. The statue will be placed in the center of the terrace and will supply the site a magical and unifying force, that in the future will characterize the hanging garden. When the notable sculpture is in place, the planters on the deck of the hanging garden will be filled with plants.


The gardens events and users

The construction of the raised terrace started on July 23rd, 2015 and is finished on August 21st. Thus the bearing elements of the hanging garden are ready for the opening of the Aarhus Festival, which in 2015 is held from August 28th to September 6th.  Here as tradition has it, the courtyards form a cozy and evocative setting for the thousands of guests, when there once again is a large outdoor festival restaurant in the FO-city. In the summers Aarhus City half marathon, the large courtyard in the FO-city functioned as one of the routes Hot Spots.

In 2017 when Aarhus becomes the Cultural Capital of Europe, the courtyards of the FO-city will have a significant role, as the site is disposal for arrangements related to the big event. The headline for the Cultural Capital 2017 is as known "Rethink", and that characterizes simultaneously the project in the courtyards, where the new facility is an example of rethinking and the positive possibility of change.

The plan is to build a small scene in the garden, where associations and the FO-city's residence among others, can arrange small outdoor events:

Lectures, theater, quiet music and such. Additionally, there will be a small exhibition in the FO-city, documenting the creation of the hanging garden.


The hanging garden as a new inspiration

In addition, the intention is "to toss a stone in the water" so to speak and actively inspire others to dispersal of similar climate-friendly urban garden installations. After completion of the hanging garden FO-Aarhus will advise on the establishment, cost and care etc. from own experiences.